Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Corel Draw basisc: how to rotate an object -> the Transformation docker (2)

In the previous tutorial I've spoken about the Rotation docker; in this tutorial I'll spoke about the last section of the Rotation docker - the Copies box.

In the image bellow I have a document of 400x400 pixels and a rectangle positioned at 200,300 (don't forget that, in CorelDRAW, the point of origin (0,0) is at the lower-left corner of the drawing page). If I want to rotate my rectangle around the center of the document I'll set these values in the Rotation docker:
Center: H = 200, V = 200
Angle: let's say 45 degrees (don't forget: type a positive value if you want to rotate the object counter clockwise and a negative value to rotate the object clockwise).
The Relative Center check box must be disabled.

Now, if you want to keep the first rectangle in the original position, you can use the Copies box to place a copy of the object in the new position. In order to do so, type 1  in the copies box and click Aplly. A copy of the rectangle will be placed in the new position:

If you want to get more copies of the object (rectangle) just type the number in the Copies box. Keep in mind that the transformation / rotation will be applied to the copies: in the image below, the first copy of the rectangle is rotated with 45 deg relative to the initial rectangle; the second copy is rotated with 45 deg. relative to the first copy of the object (and with 90 deg relative to the initial object).