Monday, May 26, 2014

CorelDRAW basics: Zooming in CorelDRAW X5 (1)

Hello! In this post I'll present you the Zoom function. As you work on an image, you may want to zoom out to see the whole image or to get closer to see details or make small adjustments. Corel DRaw offers you several options for zooming which will make your work a lot easier.

Go to Toolbox and select the Zoom Tool (if you are not editing text, you can access the Zoom tool by pressing the Z key). The mouse cursor changes to the magnifying glass with the plus sign and the Property-Bar displays the specific options of the Zoom tool (the default zooming buttons plus a drop-down list which allows you to choose between various degrees of magnification).

Zoom In - this is the default state while the Zoom tool is selected. With the Zoom tool selected, click in the area you want to look at; clicking once in the drawing window increases your view magnification by twice the current percentage of zoom, starting from the cursor's location on screen.

You can also zoom in by dragging the Zoom Tool around a specific area. Place your cursor at the corner of the area you want to magnify, and then click-drag diagonally to the opposing corner of an imaginary bounding box that defines the area to which you want to zoom.

If you want to view a larger area of the drawing, use the Zoom Out function. With the Zoom tool activated click the right mouse button anywhere in the drawing window or hold the SHIFT key and click on the left mouse button.

If you use a mouse wheel, the wheel zooms in and zooms out by default.

The zoom in / zoom out options are available when you use the Pan tool (double-click or drag anywhere in the drawing window to zoom in, right-click in the drawing window to zoom out).

You can set the magnification level from the Standard Toolbar (see the image below). You can select one of the Zoom-Levels from the list (the box showing the % of magnifications) or you can type the value you need. In this case the zoom levels increase and decrease beginning at the center of the drawing window.

If you want to have a quick access to the Zoom tools you can activate the Zoom toolbar: Window -> Toolbars -> Zoom (see the image below)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day! - free e-cards

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers of the world!

Animated 'Mother's Day' e-card with text in two languages (english and spanish): Happy Mother's Day! - Feliz Día de la Madre!

Feliz Dia de la Madre para todas las madres del mundo!

Tarjeta electrónica dedicada a todas las madres del mundo. 'Mamá, quiero darle las gracias por estar en mi vida, por ser mi mamá y mi amigo. Gracias por llenar mi vida con tanta felicidad. Te quiero, mamá! '

I love you mom!

Free 'Mother's Day' ecard: 'I love you, mom!' in english, french, portuguese, german, chinese, italian, spanish and dutch.

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