Monday, March 9, 2015

Learn how to create a simple winter frame for your photos in Photoshop (3)

You can read the first two parts of this tutorial by clicking on the links below:
Learn how to create a simple winter frame for your photos in Photoshop (1)
Learn how to create a simple winter frame for your photos in Photoshop (2)

When you're done with the configuration of the brush, open the Paths panel and select the previously drawn path. With the path selected, click the Stroke path with brush button located in the lower part of the panel (see the image below). Click this button several times until you obtain the desired frame:

When you are satisfied with the result, you can delete the path, because you'll no longer need it:

Open again the Layers panel. Press and hold down the CTRL key and click on the frame layer's icon to select the frame (see the image below):

Keep the selection active, turn off the frame's layer and select the layer beneath it (which should be the photo's layer). Press and hold down the Alt key and click on the Add layer mask button (seee the image below):

Click on the photo's layer icon. Click the Add a layer style button and choose the Inner glow option from the styles list. Turn on the preview option to preview the changes you're going to make. Set the colour to black and the blending mode to Normal. Adjust the size and the opacity and click OK when you're done.

The final step: remove some of the white margin. Select the Crop tool from the toolbox (shortcut key: C). Click one of the Crop Handles and drag it inward. Press and hold down the Shift and the Alt keys to crop the image from it's center and to preserve the image's aspect ratio. Press Enter to crop the image.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy Spring eCards

Hello everyone, in this post I would like to present you our greeting ecards for the Spring Season. We have tried to cover as many client-wishes as possible, so in this gallery you can find both corporate ecards and e-cards for friends and family, animated ecards and static ecards, e-cards with messages written in english and/or spanish (and, occasionally, in various other languages). All these e-cards are available for free on our website,

free happy spring greeting e-cards
Send free Spring Celebration eCards, spring messages and quotes, photos and images with spring flowers. It's time again for the bright colors to blossom and the earth to celebrate the return of the season. Enjoy the spring and share the beauty of this season with all your friends by sending them a cheerful spring greeting card.