Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Virtual Nengajo

Hi, everyone.

Because the Japanese New Year (お正月, o-shōgatsu) is coming, I have drawn some new virtual Nengajo's (japanese New Year greeting cards).

The New Year holidays (o-shōgatsu) are very important to the Japanese. In the last days of the year, approximately four billion post cards expressly intended for use as New Year's cards are sold throughout Japan.

Although traditionally these greeting cards were sent only by post, in recent years people have started to send virtual Nengajo's as well as printed Nengajo's. If you have japanese friends (or japanese clients, colleagues, business partners, etc) whom you want to congratulate on New Year, the easiest way to do so is to send them virtual Nengajo's.

This Nengajo will be very soon available as a free eCard on my website, seiza.ro:

Virtual Nengajo. Image size: 600x500 px. Text meaning (from right to left): The text written inside the circle: Kinga Shinnen = japanese expression equivalent with 'Happy New Year'. The first two columns: 'Thank you for all your hard work (great help) during the past year'. The 3rd column: 'I hope (ask) for your favour again in the coming year'. Last column: Gantan - the morning of January 1st.

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