Thursday, March 6, 2014

CorelDRAW basics: undoing, redoing, and repeating actions (2) - The Undo docker

Sometimes (or better said, always) you might need more control over the Undo / Redo commands, so you'll need the Undo docker (Window -> Dockers -> Undo).

In this docker you can see all the operations which can be undone. The number of these actions depends on the number of the undo levels specified in the Undo settings (20 by default). If you reach the limit, which each new action performed the oldest item from the history list (the second element from the top of the list, because the first element - File New - cannot be undone) will be deleted and you won't be able to undo it.

If you want to undo a series of actions using the Undo docker, choose the action that precedes all the actions that you want to undo and click on it. As a result, all the actions listed below the action you've chosen will be undone; they will still appear in the list (usually on a darker background) and you can redo them (see the image below). If you modify your drawing in any way except by using the Undo / Redo commands, those actions will be deleted from the list and you won't be able to redo them.

If you want to redo a series of actions using the Undo docker choose the last action that you want to redo and click on it; all preceding undone actions will be redone.

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