Saturday, December 6, 2014

CorelDRAW x5 basics: the viewing modes (5) - the Wireframe and Simple Wireframe viewing modes (Part 1)

In the previous posts I've talked about the "Previous" Modes (Enhanced, Normal and Draft). Today I'll present you the Wireframe viewing modes (also called Outline view in other graphic programs). Wireframe and Simple Wireframe are those two unexciting (but very important) viewing modes that show plain black outlines and no colours. In the images below you can see the characteristics of the Wireframe viewing modes: the Simple wireframe viewing mode displays only the outlines of the objects by hiding fills, extrusions, contours, drop shadows, and intermediate blend shapes. The Wireframe viewing mode displays a drawing in simple wireframe mode plus intermediate blend shapes. In both these two viewing modes bitmaps are shown as monochrome grayed areas.

In wireframe viewing modes bitmaps are displayed in monochrome.

Blended objects displayed in Enhanced viewing mode.

Blended objects displayed in the "Simple Wireframe" viewing mode.

Blended objects (with intermediate blend shapes) displayed in the "Wireframe" viewing mode.

Objects with various fills displayed in the "Enhanced" viewing mode.

The same objects as in the image above displayed in the "Wireframe" viewing modes.

Wireframe and Simple Wireframe viewing modes only affect the screen display. Your document will still print or export in full colour, with all the effects you've applied.

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