Tuesday, January 20, 2015

CorelDRAW x5 basics: the viewing modes (6) - the Wireframe and Simple Wireframe viewing modes (Part 2)

Why do we need the Wireframe view and Simple Wireframe view

Some people (usually beginners) tend to completely ignore the Wireframe viewing modes, but you should know that they are extremely useful and, as your artworks will become more complex, these viewing modes will become essential for you. The list below, without being exhaustive, provides several examples of situations in which you may need to use one of these two viewing modes.

- in Wireframe view modes it's very easy to precisely position every object of your drawing.

- sometimes you might need to check the basic form of an object; the easier way to see the basic forms of your objects is to preview your artwork in Wireframe view mode.

- use the Wireframe viewing modes to check if you drawing contains unnecessary copies of objects (this method is particularly useful when setting files for output to machinery such as plotter cutting, laser cutting or engraving).

- In Wireframe view mode it's easier to edit a complex path or to check your artwork to see if it contains open paths. Also you can see if the lines are smooth in their curve lines or require the addition of extra nodes, node control points or require adjusting.

- before printing your artwork you should check if two (or more) objects with the same fill and stroke colour are overlapping (in the Wireframe view mode they will appear as overlapping lines). You should pay a particular attention to your text - especially when you are using serif-fonts. If your letters are overlapping this will create problems for industrial machinery and large format digital printing equipment.

- when you can't find an object in your artwork (missing elements, which are usually hidden by other elements rather than actually missing, are a very common problem for the beginners) the easier way to find it is to commute to Wireframe viewing mode - as you can see in the images below:

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