Saturday, February 14, 2015

Learn how to create a simple winter frame for your photos in Photoshop (2)

This post is a continuation of this one:

Now it's time to personalise the brush that will be applied on the path. First, select the Brush tool from the toolbox (or press the B key on your keyboard). With the Brush tool selected, open the Brush Preset picker and load the Assorted Brushes set (see the image below):

From the Assorted Brushes set choose the Crosshatch4 brush or the Crosshatch2 brush:

Depending on the size of your photo you might need to change the size (diameter) of the brush. For my photo (which is aprox 900x750 px) I've set the diameter of the brush to 50 px. The size of the selected brush is displayed in the Options bar (see the image below). If you need to increase / decrease the size of the brush you're using press the "] [" keys (the square brackets keys).

After you've set the size of the brush click the Toggle the Brush panel button located in the Options bar (or press the F5 key) to open the Brush Panel.

In the Brush Panel open the Shape Dynamics panel. Deactivate the Pen Pressure option and set the Roundness Jitler at about 30-40%

Open the Shape Dynamics panel. Change the scattering settings (Scatter, Count, Count Jitter) until your brush will look (approximately) like the one shown in the image below:

When you're satisfied with the result close the Brush Panel.

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