Sunday, February 17, 2013

CorelDRAW basics: the Standard toolbar

The Sandard toolbar is one of the CorelDRAW's default toolbars; it contains some very useful commands (see the image and the list below). Anyway, if you want more space for your Drawing window and, beside that, you are familiarized with the application's shortcuts, you can hide this toolbar.

The standard toolbar contains buttons that are shortcuts to some of the menu commands. You can customize this toolbar (Tools -> Customization -> Commands) to fit your needs: if you don't need some of the buttons you can remove them, you can change the order of the toolbar's buttons, you can add some new buttons on the toolbar, you can modify the toolbar appearance, etc. The image and the list below contain the default buttons of this toolbar:
1. start a new drawing
2. open an existing drawing
3. save
4. print
5. cut the selected objects to the Clipboard
6. copy the selected objects to the Clipboard
7. paste the Clipboard contents into your drawing
8. undo an action
9. restore an action that was undone
10. import a drawing
11. export a drawing
12. start Corel applications
13. open the Welcome screen
14. set a Zoom level
15. enable / disable the automatic alignment
16. open the Options dialog box

If you want to hide the Standard toolbar (or if the toolbar is not displayed and you need it) do one of the following:
1 - Go to Menu toolbar, choose Window, Toolbars and check / uncheck the Standard toolbar

2 - Right click on any toolbar and check / uncheck the Standard toolbar (see the image below)

3 - Use the "ALT + O" shortcut to open the Tools menu -> choose Customization -> Command Bars and check / uncheck the command bars you want to display / hide (see the image below)

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