Saturday, January 19, 2013

CorelDRAW basics: the Application window

CorelDRAW basics: a brief presentation of the Application window:

1. The Title bar Here is displayed the title of the currently open drawing

2. The Menu bar

3. The Toolbar - here we can find several shortcuts for some very useful commands (Save, Print, Undo - Redo, the magnification level, etc). You can customize this area to fit your needs.

4. The Property bar is a detachable bar with commands related to the active tool or object (see the two images below to see the differences between the content of the Property bar when various objects are selected)

5. The Drawing page is the printable area of your work area

6. The Drawing window is the area which surrounds the Drawing page

7. The Toolbox is a docked bar (you can not move it) with tools for drawing, filling, colouring and modifying objects

8. The Docker area contains the available commands and settings relevant to a specific tool

9. The Color palette contains color swatches. This bar can be docked or can float over the work area

10. The rulers - use this tool to determine the size and position of the objects. If you don't see them click View in the Menu Bar and click on Rulers

11. The Document navigator allows you to move between pages and to add pages to your document

12. The Status bar is the area at the bottom of the application window that contains information about object properties (type, size, color, fill, resolution). The status bar also shows the current cursor position

13. the Navigator is a smaller display in the lower-right corner which help you move around a drawing (see the image below)

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