Monday, June 9, 2014

CorelDRAW basics: Zooming in CorelDRAW (3) - Keyboard Shortcuts

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Here is the list of the default zooming-shortcuts available in Corel Draw:
1. Z - this key activate the Zoom Tool. It doesn't work when you are editing text.
2. F2 - zoom one-shot. When you are using a tool and you need to get a closer look to your drawing but you don't want to change the tool you are using, you can use this shortcut. Press F2 and click once in the area you want to magnify; the zoom level will increase and the current tool will switch back to the previous tool you were using before switching to Zoom Tool. This can be very useful especially when you are editing paths.
3. F3 - Zoom out. By using this key your drawing will zoom out to the previous magnification level.
4. F4 - Zoom to all objects - adjust the magnification level to include all the objects (even if they are outside the drawing area). Alternatively, you can use this command by double-clicking the Zoom Tool button in the toolbox.
5. Shift+F4 - Zoom to page - use this shortcut when you need to see the entire page.
6. Shift+F2 - Zoom to selected - magnify only the selected objects. The shortcut can be used only if one or more objects are selected; if no object is selected and you press Shift+F2, nothing happens.