Friday, June 20, 2014

CorelDRAW basics: Zooming in CorelDRAW (4) - Customizing the Keyboard Shortcuts

As I've said in the previous tutorial, some of the Zoom tool commands in CorelDRAW have preassigned shortcut keys; if you don't want to use the default shortcut keys (for example, if you are accustomed with other graphic-design programs and you want to use some shortcut keys which are already familiar to you) you can easily change them.

Click Tools -> Options -> Customization -> Commands. Choose View from the drop-down menu at the top-left corner (see the image below).

A list of view items appears below it. In this list, click to select the tool or command you want to change (let's say the "Zoom to selected" tool). The aspect of the "General" tab in the right side of the dialogue box changes to display some basic information about the tool we've selected (Zoom to selected, in this particular situation) - see the image below:

Click on the "Appearance" tab if you want to modify the appearance of tool icons (personally, I don't think you'll ever really need it).

Click the "Shortcut Keys" tab. In the "Current Shortcut Keys" box you can see the Shortcut Key or the key combination that has already been assigned to the currently selected tool; you can select it and delete it. Click in the "New Shortcut Key" text entry box and press the key or the combination that you want to assign as the new shortcut. If you want to use the special keys ("Alt", “Shift” or “Ctrl”) you have to press them on your keyboard; don't type "Alt", "CTRL SHIFT", "Shift+F2", etc. in the text entry box. If the key combination is already assigned to another command, that command is listed in the Currently assigned to box (see the image below: the CTRL+D combination is assigned to the "Duplicate" command). If you click on the "Assign" button, your new assignment overwrites the old one. By enabling the "Navigate to conflict on assign" check box, you can automatically navigate to the command whose shortcut you reassigned and assign a new shortcut.

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