Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Learn Corel PaintShop Pro X4: customize the Workspaces - General Program Preferences (1)

In order to customize the workspaces go to File -> Preferences -> General Program Preferences. There are many settings you can use to customize the PaintShop Pro's workspaces; a few of these settings will be discussed in this tutorial.

1. First (and also very important) is the Undo tab. The Undo settings help you to control the Undo and Redo commands and an option of the History palette.

First thing you have to do here is to check the "Enable the undo system" check box. If this check box is not marked, you won't be able to use the "Undo" option. Next, you can check some of the following check boxes:
Limit undo/redo disk usage to ____ MBytes of storage per open image. The storage space needed depends on the current image size and the type of operations you’re performing. If your HardDisk is full, you might need this option, but if you have enough free space it would be better to let this check box unmarked.
Limit undo/redo to ____ steps per open image. By default you can undo 250 steps; this is far too much (especially considering that the "Undo" levels require memory; the more undo levels you use, the more system memory is consumed). 50-60 Undo steps are more than enough.
Enable fast redo - mark this check box if you want to set the Redo command to work at a higher speed. Anyway, this option will slow down the Undo process, which is a useful, so you'd better let this check box unmarked.
Set a value in the Non-undoable steps in the History Palette control. The Non-undoable steps cannot be undone or redone. However, they can be reapplied to the current image or to other open images, saved to a Quickscript or to a regular PspScript file, or copied to the Clipboard.

2. The View tab: use these settings to control how the image window and magnification level when you resize an image.

3. THe Setting Display and Caching preferences tab. Use it if you want to:
- Automatically use the last file format used to save an image
- Show / Hide Dropper tool color information
- Change the appearance of tool cursors
- Make a brush tool cursor reflect its size and shape
- Adjust the Zoom Rescaling quality
- Set thumbnail sizes for the Effects Browser
- Specify preferences for saving an image cache

To be continued

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