Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Learn Corel PaintShop Pro X4: the Manage workspace - the Navigation Palette (1)

The Navigation palette helps you find and organize your photos. In this post I'll try to present you this very useful palette.

1. The Search box - is located in the very top of the Navigation palette. Use this box every time you need a fast search. You can search by filenames, by extensions (e.g.: *.jpg will find all the jpeg files), names of folders, tags, caption texts, or images metadatas.

2. If you have hundreds or even thousands photos in your computer you might need a more complex search; in this case, you can use the Advanced search.
In order to use the Advanced search you have to follow these steps:
1. In the Navigation palette click to open the Collections tab
2. Open the Smart Collections list by double-clicking on it
3. Click the Add Smart Collection button and the Smart Collection dialog box will appear
4. Select one of the two options in the Find photos that match drop-list: choose All (the default option) if you want to search for images that match all of the specified rules or Any, if you want to search for images that match any of the specified rules
5. Select the first search option from the first drop-list
6. Select an option to refine the search further from the second drop-list (the options that appear in the drop-list depend on the search option that you chose in the first drop-list)
7. In the text field, type or choose a search term. The search term you type must correspond to the search option that you choose in the first drop-list of the search rule.
8. (optional) You can add an additional search rule by clicking the "+" button in the right-side of the Smart Collection dialog box. Click on the "-" button to remove the additional search rule.
9. Click the Preview button. The search results appear in the Organizer palette.

the Smart Collection dialog box

If you want, you can save the search you've used as a Smart Collection: click the Save button in the Smart Collection dialog box and the Save as Smart Collection dialog box will appear; type a name for your search and click on Save. The collection will appear in the Smart Collections list.

After you save an Advanced Search as a Smart Collection you can run it again anytime you need it (by clicking on it's name in the Smart Collection list), you can edit it (if you want to change the search parameters), you can rename it or you can delete it when you consider that you don't need it anymore.

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